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OUr Mission

Site preparation work is expensive.  At Swope Excavation we cut costs without cutting corners.  We have all struggled through this recession, and as we are coming out of this recession, we all have a better appreciation for the value of a dollar.  Swope Excavation has not lost sight of that, and we go out of our way to ensure that your job is done with materials and craftsmanship that exceed industry standards.

Quality, the first time

Michael Swope has a grasp of various codes and testing measures, and he has the knowledge to complete your project correctly the first time.

We are knowledgeable

Many people might think that the idea of an economical excavation company would be laughable.  When you consider the cost of rentals, insurance, fuel, or just what our competition may charge, we almost always come in as the quality inexpensive alternative.   I have found ways to save money that don't sacrifice quality, and I pass those savings on to my customers every day.

We are economical

We Truly Care

I put my name on my business.  In addition to reviewing testimonials, I encourage people to check out what other people have said about my company on Angie's list.


Our Crew

Our mission is simple: do the job right the first time.